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More information about me, for those of you who have asked for it. ;)
About me:

Who is Laken?

I live in Ohio and I write urban fantasy, horror, and paranormal books.

Besides writing--when I have time to do something other than write or read--I play the heck out of my Playstation 4, my Nintendo 3DS XL, and occasionally I find time to play my Xbox 360 or Wii U. Yes. I have a sickness.

I also drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. But I have been trying to dilute all that coffee with sparkling water. That makes up for all the caffeinated black coffee, right? Yeah. That's what I thought.

What quirks do I have? Hmmm. The word "quirks" makes it sound so cute. I can't swallow pills without smashing or chewing them first. Tylenol, vitamins, doesn't matter. Even if I crush it and put it in ice cream first, I still chew. I chew ice cream.

One of my favorite authors is Stephen King. That man can tell a story.

I'm obsessed with vanilla bean lotion, journals, electric blankets, and ink pens. And electronics, coffee, and books. And pizza. And any candy that has peanut butter in it.

I'm something of a hermit, but I don't feel that makes me weird. I don't like the sun on my face and I can't stand the scent of garlic. Maybe I'm part vampire. Maybe. Quirky. Just quirky.

Math and bugs are two things I don't like. At all. I always have a calculator handy and I scream when I see bugs. I've been known to set off the security alarm when I spotted a spricket in my house. Shudder.

A little about my past:

I grew up in the country with six siblings. We went to church. A lot. Pentecostal.

We had no TV for much of my childhood. Books were everything to me. I was only allowed certain books, so the others--the good ones--I had to sneak and read. I did a lot of sneaking! I read everything I could get my hands on. Didn't matter what it was, I'd read it. I was not a fan of school.

When I was very small, my main goal was to grow up and eat all the ice cream sandwiches and potato chips I could hold.
Then I grew up and decided they had too many calories. Sigh.

I was lucky enough to be a mother to two truly amazing children, a son and a daughter. My little girl was born with a variety of severe health issues, and on a bleak December day in 2009, I lost her.

I write.
I'm a lefty. I'm a pretty terrible driver--possibly because I get lost in daydreams and stories and forget I'm driving. I'm very short.

Here are some places you can find me:
Twitter: @lakencane

About the books:

How many books are you thinking of doing total about Rune?

Honestly, I haven't a clue. I don't have a certain amount of books I plan on writing. I'll write them until I can't find anything new to say about the crew. A long time :)

Do you really have no idea how the story will turn out or do you think you know and while writing things change? 

I have a vague, fuzzy sort of end game. And yes, it could change :)

Why do you use a pen name? 

For privacy reasons.

Which of your books are your favorites?

Obsidian Wings and Kill Switch

Do you read? If yes tell me some of your favorites!

Definitely. I have Kindles and shelves full of books. I love everything from Stephen King to Jude Deveraux to Robert R. McCammon. Jeffery Deaver, Dean Koontz. Laurell K Hamilton's earlier books. John Sandford, J. K. Rowling, Linda Howard. J.R.R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin, to name a few.

Have more questions? Ask me!

Here are some places you can find me:

Email: laken at lakencane dot com
Twitter: @lakencane

Facebook and other conversations I've spotted :)

Jerah Johnson: feeling pumped
So I'm only 6% along reading "Strange Trouble" by Laken Cane, and already my mind is blown!! This is gonna be epic
Shiv Crew-book 1
Blood and Bite-book 2
If you are not reading these, chances are your not doing something right!
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Jennifer S. Mollett: Text me when you get to the part where you throw your Kindle across the room.. I'll be waiting.
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Jerah Johnson: Around 5 mins after I posted this I started freaking out! But the way you say that leads me to believe that I will be calling you with a more dramatic "he imprinted on the baby" type of call!
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Jennifer S. Mollett: EXACTLY!!!
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Jerah Johnson: Ohh I just can't believe it!! I hope they are all ok!! I don't want to post spoilers so ill just say that I have chewed all my nails off, and was more or less hyperventilating by the 10% mark!! Laken Cane to absolutely ROCK!!
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